Hi, I’m Crystal, an aspiring front end web developer from Port Coquitlam, BC. My passion for coding began in high school over 12 years ago when I learned things like XHTML, CSS, Java, and Flash Animation. And although my life path took a different turn back then, there has always been a voice in my mind telling me to get back into it. So when the opportunity to go back to school for Technical Web Design at BCIT came up I jumped in two feet first.

When I originally looked into the TWD program I thought it would be more design and less code but was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was not the case. I was ecstatic to discover I was going to get a chance to start fresh with new technologies and learn how to code websites from the ground up! While my background in coding was minimal and extremely out of date it was kind of like riding a bike, wobbly at first, then I gained some confidence and now here I am on the other side ready to start on another new journey in my dream career.

Now that I have a solid foundation in coding and have learned some skills in programs I hadn’t even heard of before I am ready to keep the ball rolling and learn some more new and exciting coding languages.

Crystal Henderson, Front-End Web Developer